Literary Icons

A set of two illustrations for a book club. The left illustration was to make members aware of the week’s nonfiction book about Japanese culture. The right illustration was for their halloween selection.

Star Wars

These three graphics combine typography & illustration to create a psychedelic approach in branding for the new Star Wars franchise.

Magazine Advertisement

This magazine advertisement was to spread awareness of racial preference in adoption across the United States.

School Dance Advertisement

An Instagram story designed for a local high school to advertise their upcoming disco themed dance.

Illustrated Mockup

An illustrated mockup of two Western Kentucky University lock-screens that I designed.

Global Fund for Women Brochure

A brochure designed for the Global Fund for Women to provide information & encourage people to get involved with the organization.

The Big Indigo Sun

A logo design for a small company called The Big Indigo Sun.

Tyler Childers Poster

A poster design for Tyler Childers, a Kentuckian & country muscian.

Talisman Article Illustrations

Illustrations for an article published on the Talisman that discussed politicians using social media to advertise themselves.

Annual Medical Report

An annual report for the Southeast Georgia Health System that focused on informing in an interesting way.

Geared In

Geared In is a co-working space that allows its users to have office space for whatever needs they have. This is the website & branding for the company that focuses on inclusivity & flexibility.

Sunrise Saloon

The Sunrise Saloon is a daytime diner & nighttime saloon with a modern western twist. I did a full brand, website, & merchandise design for the company to give them an updated image that fits with their style.