Berlin Travel Brochure

Lucky 3 Skateboarding

This is the board design for Lucky 3; it is an earthy-toned board printed on a Maple, popsicle board.

Lucky 3 is a skateboard & apparel company that combines the culture of the west coast with the essence of southern ideas. I began the design process with creating some logo variations that could be used for many different product layouts. Combining that with earthy colors to add edge to the brand, Lucky 3 was born.

I used different lucky symbols to bring the “cowboy essence” to life. The lucky cigarette, shooting star, & snake plant are all lucky items to many superstitious people.

The main focus for the design was the rattlesnake motif. Coming across a snake, especially a rattlesnake is seen as lucky because not only did you see the venomous snake, but you lived to tell the tale.

This idea of items bringing you temporary luck & balance to your life is similar to the superstitions of the skateboarding community.

One of the main elements to this branding was a promotional poster that could act as artwork & an explanation for the premise behind the Lucky 3.

This poster took many elements from traditional Chinese design because the number 3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

I combined my design assets with a beautiful cursive font to elevate the brand as a whole. This poster will come with every board that is purchased as a thank you.

Being a part of Lucky 3 is a lifelong commitment because chasing luck is also a lifelong commitment. 

The contrast between the charcoal & cream gives an ethereal feel to the brand & poster.

The scene depicted in the poster is one of a night in the desert with a rattlesnake on the hunt. A shooting star is illuminating the night sky, & there are snake plants growing wild.

A desert night sky with no one but the snake to witness.

The poster is titled, “Presence of Luck.”

These are six merchandise concepts for the company that feature the lucky symbols: a bandana, crewneck, sticker, lighter, hoodie, & keychain.

Berlin Travel Brochure

Berlin Travel Brochure

This is a travel brochure for Berlin, Germany’s tourist information office.

The brochure was designed to highlight the creative city. I highlighted the famous architecture & design aspects that make the city so beautiful. I chose colors that are represented in the city through the canals & atmosphere. 

Emphasizing the culture that is waiting to be appreciated to draw the eye of those who are searching for a creative atmosphere with endless sights to see.

As well as a brochure, I designed some social media graphics for the tourist information office to use on their Instagram.

Berlin Travel Brochure

Fetch: Pet Finder App

Fetch is a mobile application that can be used to keep track of your pets in a residential area. The app allows you to make separate accounts for your pets, communicate with your neighbors, & assist in lost pets in the area.

The bright & playful branding stems from the feeling most people have towards their pets. Members of the family that are treated like children forever.

The app has messaging abilities as well as an active map that tracks your pets movement within your area. The main feature is the lost pet assistant. Users can notify their neighbors on a lost pet or assistant in the search for another’s pet.

Focusing on usability and organization within the app really allowed me to demonstrate my user experience skills in an application.

Berlin Travel Brochure

Beyond the Board: Magazine Spread

This is a spread design from the Talisman print issue Fall 2021. Beyond the Board is a story about chess at Western Kentucky University.

Working on this spread allowed me to strengthen my collaborating skills because I designed the illustrations to fit with an article & layout design from two separate people.

I illustrated three characters that were people as chess pieces to combine the feelings the story gives with the layout designer’s vision for the completed story.

Creating a queen, king, & pawn in the form of people to add another element to the story for interest really elevated the story.